E! DAILY POP EXCLUSIVE: E!'s Erin Lim Shares Sweet Details From Her Engagement: See All the Proposal Pics

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Erin Lim knew boyfriend Joshua Rhodes was proposing due to one tell-tale sign.On Monday, Sept. 21's episode of Daily Pop, The Rundown host opened up about her romantic engagement, which took place over the weekend. According to Erin, her boyfriend planned the proposal to coincide with their already established date night plan.

"So, it was his turn to plan the date night and he said, 'I want to do it early because I know you have the Emmys the next day so let's do an early 4 p.m. tapas," Erin exclusively dished to her E! peers. "I was totally down for that. And so, we got all dressed up and then he was like, 'Tomorrow, you’re at Emmys all day and I can't take care of Pearl,' my dog. He said, ‘What should we do with Pearl?'"

At this point, Erin suggested that they take Pearl to her parents' home nearby prior to their date night. Little to Erin's knowledge, this was already Joshua's plan, who had organized a romantic proposal in Erin's parents' backyard.

"So, I walk to the backyard and it's his family, and they don't live in town, so I knew," Erin dished. "When I saw them, it was happening…Everyone had glassy eyes already. No one said surprise or anything, they all just stood there. His family, my family and like, my close best friends and they're all just standing there."

After being led to the backyard, Erin shared that Joshua said "beautiful, romantic things" inside a little gazebo surrounded by rose petals and flowers.

"I literally didn't even look at the ring when he said, ‘Will you marry me?'" she further added. "I was just looking at his face and I was so elated. And I was just like, ‘Yes!' I didn't even let him put it on."

Eventually, Erin put on the ring, which she described as "so gorgeous."

"I really love him," the E! personality declared. "It was the best day ever, you guys. Literally, I said we should just get a minister and do the damn thing, right then and there."

As for their wedding plans? Erin said she's interested in pulling "a Hailey-Justin Bieber style" wedding.

"We go to the court house and we just go get married," the entertainment journalist expressed. "And then, we have a nice first year of marriage to ourselves and then we go and do the party with everyone later."

See all the photos from Erin and Joshua's engagement below.

Congratulations to Erin and Joshua!

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