E! DAILY POP EXCLUSIVE: Hoda Kotb Gives an Update on Postponed Wedding to Joel Schiffman

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A wedding update.

On Tuesday, Oct. 20's all-new Daily Pop, Hoda Kotb stopped by to discuss everything from her new book, This Just Speaks to Me, to her kids to her postponed wedding. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Hoda and fiancé Joel Schiffman were forced to postpone their wedding.

According to the TV personality, her nuptials should've been a month from now in a tropical destination.

She relayed to E!'s Carissa Culiner, "We were supposed to have it a month from right now. I mean, that was our big master plan, Joel and me. And we were going to do it at a tropical destination and then we decided we were going to wait."

However, as the pandemic continues, Hoda revealed she's now contemplating a small wedding.

"Who knows when people are going to be flying or feel comfortable flying?" she continued. "So, I thought, 'Is that a good idea or should we just maybe do a small wedding?' So, we may."

In regard to a new wedding date, Hoda teased that she likes "sunshine and summer feel." Thus, a summer wedding may be in store for Hoda and Joel.

"I'm the happiest when it's warm and my toes are in the sand," Hoda shared. "So, we may just wait until next summer and do it here on the East Coast, or if things get better, which we hope and pray they will, then maybe we'll strike out and go to some warm, tropical place."

And, just after this interview was taped, Hoda announced that she and Joel filled out paperwork to adopt a third child. No wonder the TODAY co-anchor called parenthood "the greatest adventure of [her] life."

As E! readers may recall, Hoda has adopted two daughters, Haley Joy, 3, and Hope Catherine, 1.

However, like many moms in quarantine, Hoda has faced some challenges while juggling work and parenting.

"Yeah, it's a lot," she expressed. "I'm trying to work on my patience, because I keep reading things that say when your child's having a meltdown, you should have wisdom…Don't try to reason, you know. Just have wisdom."

Thankfully, Hoda has a brand-new book full of beloved quotes to help anyone going through a tough time.

"I feel like I spend half my time just looking for things that lift me up, whether it's a song or a quote or something, and this book is just filled with that," she stated. "It's just like things that sit on your heart and make you feel better."

For all of this and more, watch Hoda's full Daily Pop interview above.

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