E! Live From the Red Carpet Exclusive: Celine Dion Was Actually Prepared to ''Camp'' Out at the 2019 Met Gala

Confused by this year's Met Gala theme? You're not alone.

Celine Dion confessed to E!'s Zuri Hall on the red carpet that when tasked with dressing to tonight's theme, "Camp: Notes on Fashion," she was willing and able to pitch a tent and roast s'mores with fellow attendees.

"At first I was a little bit confused when I heard 'Camp,'" the music icon shared exclusively "I thought it meant 'camping.' We're going camping! We're going to be at the Met and everyone is going to stay and sleep all night together. But, no."

Sadly, Celine had to ditch her camping gear for a more extravagant ensemble, which—no surprise here—was an immediate showstopper.

Designed by Oscar de la Renta, the silver one-piece weighed in at a staggering 22-pounds, included 18 panels of hand-beaded embroidery and took 3,000 hours to create.

As Dion described, "The sole inspiration was everybody who was part of it, put their hearts into it. It was to try to make something magical and I think it's happening tonight. I feel amazing. I don't want to take it off. I'm going to go to bed with it tonight."

And we don't blame her one bit!

Enjoy the evening, Celine!

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