NBCLX Presents A Series of Deep-Dive Stories About The Issues That Matter Most To Gen Z & Millennials Voters

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TX – (October 20, 2020) – With two weeks left until Election Day, NBCLX, an OTT and linear network designed for adults 18-45, today announced a series of video stories about the issues that are motivating millennials and Gen Z-ers to exercise their right to vote in this year’s election. The news series also includes “What Could Happen?” special reports that ask the provocative question of what may occur if President Donald Trump wins a second term or if Vice President Joe Biden succeeds him and how this may impact our lives over the next four years. The stories will air on “LX News,” the network’s newscast that airs live on OTT, linear TV, cable and digital Monday to Fridays at 8-10a, 1:30p, 6p, 8-10p ET. Click here for local listings. Audiences can also watch on-demand at

NBCLX is a new TV and streaming network presented by NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations that is engaging Gen Z and millennials by presenting news in an entirely new way and delivering storytelling that is personal, inspiring and thought-provoking.

List of upcoming NBCLX “LXTION 2020” stories:

Week of October 19

  • The Youngest Bloc - Healthcare: NBCLX talks to a Latino family from Philadelphia that saw 20 family members contract the Coronavirus with many of them being uninsured and accumulating nearly $1 million in medical bills, and how their health care struggle is influencing their vote.
  • Okay, Voter - Student Loans: NBCLX explains how the next president’s policies can determine if voters will get a reprieve from student loan debt, or continue to be a trillion dollar problem.
  • I Voted Stickers – NBCLX challenged artists from around the country to create their version of the “I Voted” sticker. The artists reveal what influenced their creative choice.
  • What Are GA Voters Thinking?: NBCLX travels to the moderate town of Rome, Georgia to find out what is motivating voters to go out to the polls.
  • Florida Felons Vote: Floridians restored a felon’s right to vote after they complete their sentence and pay fines. NBCLX looks into how professional athletes are joining a movement to help former felons vote.
  • Putting The Why In QAnon: NBCLX explores why the support for QAnon is spreading and how you can talk to friends and family about it.
  • Deep Fakes: NBCLX reports on the threat that deep fake videos have on our democracy and what you can do to avoid falling for misinformation.
  • Okay, Voter - Daylight Savings: NBCLX breaks down why who you elect on November 3 could impact the future of daylight savings time.

Week of October 26

  • What Could Happen - Internet Privacy: NBCLX examines how the election could impact online privacy laws.
  • What Could Happen - Paris Climate Accord: NBCLX reports the result of this year’s election may impact climate change.
  • What Could Happen - Taxes: NBCLX looks at what could happen with our taxes over the next four years.
  • 5 Things to Watch on Election Night: NBCLX reveals a go-to guide for how to interpret what happens on election night.

NBCLX or ‘Local X’ is NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations’ new TV and streaming network that serves adults 18-45. NBCLX’s innovative storytelling approach to news is personal, inspiring and empowers audiences to take part in the conversation. The network delivers 20 hours of local news and original programming each week through “LX News,” and features fan-favorite shows 1st Look, George To The Rescue and Open House, as well as programming from various content partners. Audiences everywhere can watch NBCLX’s stories, programs and the live channel feed on (no login required), on linear TV in 43 U.S.-based TV markets, on Xfinity platforms in select markets, on the Roku platform for U.S. audiences, through Apple TV and Fubo through NBC owned station apps, and on mobile web through the NBC owned station apps (click on the ‘NBCLX’ tab). For more information about NBCLX and to check local listings, visit Follow on social @NBCLX #NBCLX.


Melissa Castro