The Studio Tour is Universal Studios Hollywood signature attraction taking millions of guests behind the scenes of the world’s largest movie and television production studio. 

From its humble beginnings 50 years ago, Universal Studios Hollywood has remained true to its roots of immersing guests in the awe-inspiring world of movie-making magic, providing remarkable access to movie sets on a real working studio lot.  Its once celebrated “Glamour Trams” have evolved to become the now world-famous Studio Tour and a hallmark attraction, bringing guests from around the globe onto areas of a working movie and television studio typically restricted to authorized personnel and into that elusive world motivated by three compelling words:  lights, camera, action.

Helmed by knowledgeable Studio Tour guides and accompanied by video host Jimmy Fallon, star of “The Tonight Show, the world-famous Studio Tour navigates an authentic production lot to experience a variety of exciting experience staged amid soundstages and sets. 

This includes such exciting rides as “King Kong 360 3D” and “Fast & Furious—Supercharged.”