Series premiere:
March 1, 2017

Day & time:
Wednesdays on CNBC at 10 p.m. (ET/PT)

Sidney Torres and Sean Conlon

Executive producers:
Dave Hamilton and Mark Powell

Co-executive producers:
Leslie Côté, Jennifer Ducker, and Erin Haglund

Supervising producer:
Joanna Collins, Nancy Roth, and Rachel Sobel

Story Producers:
Anna Bourque Champion, Barri Cohen, Nikila Cole, Christopher Gagosz, Andrew Fedosov, Andrew Kaufman

Field Producers:
Elizabeth Dunnebacke, Annie West

Line producer:
Richard Sterling

Directors of photography:
Doug Clevenger and David White

Craig Jordan Crute, Mark Holtze, Ryan Monteith, Geoffrey Rayes, Jeffrey Reynolds, and Radoslaw Zurawiecki

Casting director:
Rebecca Schankula

Series produced by:
Cineflix (Deed) Inc.

Executive Producers for CNBC:
Jim Ackerman and Adam Barry

Media contact:
Beth Goldman, 201-735-4724,