Jay Leno's Garage #508 - Built For Speed (TV-PG)

In this fast-paced episode, Jay has a need for speed! He talks race rivalries with his old friend Matt Damon, who stars as Carroll Shelby in the upcoming film Ford vs. Ferrari. Then Jay gets to try out the new, all-American GT500, with one of his favorite Brits Seal. Avril Lavigne is a fan of off-roading, but she's never driven on a race track-so she becomes the newest student at Jay's Driving School! And why just race cars? Jay attempts to race some other unlikely vehicles -like a souped-up Barbie kiddie car and the fastest log in the world!

Jay Leno's Garage #507 - Unsung Heroes (TV-PG)

Who do we have to thank for racetrack successes and film and TV car chases and stunts? The unsung heroes - pit crews and stuntmen! Jay will introduce you to a bunch of people you've never heard of, who are the real heroes of the automotive world on and off the screen. Martha Stewart shows off Edsel "Son-of-Henry" Ford's Maine estate and they take a ride in her pristine Edsel wagon. Jay then attempts to learn the intricate dance of a NASCAR pit crew-and does a pit stop for Joey Logano during an actual race. He then transforms into a crash test dummy in a new Jeep Gladiator before doing a Dukes of Hazzard-style stunt with one of the original Duke Boys stunt men. In this episode, Jay will jump head-first into some of the most dangerous - and underappreciated - automotive jobs.

Jay Leno's Garage #510 - Risk vs. Reward (TV-PG)

In this episode Jay learns that the automotive world is not for the risk averse. He meets up with maverick tech entrepreneur Elon Musk to test drive his groundbreaking Cybertruck prototype. He invites comedian and Marine Rob Riggle (and his mom) to look at his car history in a new segment called "This Is Your Automotive Life!" Jay also gets to fly a mission on a massive fire-fighting helicopter and meets up with a blind racecar driver determined to drive 200mph unassisted.

Jay Leno's Garage #108 - The Cars Of Tomorrow (TV-PG)

Jay visits automotive innovators who may have insight into the future. He connects with Oscar-winning director and forward-thinking gearhead Francis Ford Coppola, meets young designers who are creating vehicles that can go over 3,000 miles per gallon, and even drives a 3D printed car... all in the effort to paint a picture of tomorrow's vehicles.

Jay Leno's Garage #506 - Sky's The Limit (TV-PG)

Since the turn of the last century, cars and planes have lead parallel lives as planes have dictated both the look and the science of cars. In this episode, Jay goes up in the air with his old friend John Travolta to discuss his fascination with airplanes and plane-influenced cars! Whether he's using a Dodge Charger to land a U2 reconnaissance plane or blowing flames in a mind-bogglingly powerful aero-engine car, the sky's the limit for Jay in this thrill-a-minute homage to vehicles influenced by flight.

Jay Leno's Garage #405 - Rebels (TV-PG)

In this episode, Jay Leno sticks it to the man and drives with rebels! Comedian and ex-punk rocker Craig Ferguson teaches Jay that you can be a rebel ... even in a British mail delivery car. Jay heads to Tennessee to talk bootlegging with NASCAR Hall-of-Famer Ray Evernham. Then he checks out a radical hot rod Rolls Royce and the ultimate sleeper vehicle - a Dodge Hellcat trapped in a Prius body. Through these adventures, Jay finds out what it means to automotively thumb your nose at the establishment!

Jay Leno's Garage - Top Ten: Most Outrageous Rides (TV-PG)

Jay Leno's Garage #101 - American Muscle (TV-PG)

In this high octane series premiere, Jay Leno revisits the golden era of American muscle cars. He explores what started the trend, why they're so valuable today, and if there's a rebirth on the horizon. He visits old pal and muscle car aficionado Tim Allen, hits the drag strip with the first female Pro Stock champion, gets an exclusive look at GM's top secret 1960's concept car "The Pegasus", and drives with NASCAR legend Jimmie Johnson in his souped-up classic Corvette...all to find out why Americans will always love these powerful cars.

Jay Leno's Garage #403 - The Motor City (TV-PG)

Jay explores the past, present and future of the automobile's birthplace-Detroit. Jay takes Detroit native Tim Allen on a trip down memory lane and the iconic Woodward Avenue. Then Jay tests GM's newest Corvette out on one of the world's oldest proving grounds. Musical legend Martha Reeves schools Jay on the history of Motown-and introduces him to a local hero who's using art to revive suffering neighborhoods. And Jay takes a ride in a "mutant vehicle" built by a Detroit native and member of the burgeoning "maker class." Jay discovers that this city has been kept alive-and thriving - by the passionate, hard-working people who live there

Jay Leno's Garage - Top Ten: Most Hair-Raising Moments (TV-PG)

In this special episode, Jay Leno counts down his craziest and most dangerous automotive experiences on the show. Highlights include death-defying stunt driving with Jamie Foxx, off-road madness with Kevin Hart, tank driving with Arnold Schwarzenegger and near decapitation with eccentric car designer Baron Margo.