The Profit #516 - Hangout Lighting (TV-PG)

A Chicago-based lighting company is sparking innovation with unique designs and customizable options. But the young owner's lack of clear leadership and trust in her employees is causing sales to fizzle. If Marcus can't get her to step up and value her team, it could be lights out for this burgeoning startup.

The Profit #515 - Simply Slices (TV-PG)

At a small family-run pizza chain, the proud patriarch is squeezing the life out of the business. He has long dreamed of taking his drive-through pizza concept nationwide, but he's so resistant to change that he alienates potential franchisees. Now, he's alienating his family too. If Marcus can't help him change the way he communicates, Simply Slices will simply fail.

The Profit #514 - Diaper Dude (TV-PG)

A father-focused bag company that once generated millions is now at death's door. After 15 years in business, the owner has allowed his fears to get the best of him. He's lost faith in his skills and his products. If Marcus can't help him regain his confidence, Diaper Dude with disappear for good

The Profit #513 - Ellison Eyewear (TV-PG)

A Chicago startup impresses with their high-end sunglasses. But behind the flashy shades, the company struggles to turn a profit. Their CEO has trouble moving beyond a personal tragedy. It's affected every aspect of the business from marketing to hiring, leaving the company with no structure or vision. If Marcus can't get him to look beyond what he's lost, his company will be next.

The Profit #512 - The Casery (TV-PG)

A Los Angeles startup is creating buzz with their fashion-forward cellphone cases. But behind their breathtaking sales and beautiful designs, the cracks are starting to show. Their young CEO does whatever he pleases, leaving his partners demoralized and the business unable to grow. If Marcus can't teach him to respect his people and his company, The Casery will shatter.

The Profit #511 - Tankfarm & Co. (TV-PG)

A men's apparel business on the coast of California is about to unravel completely. Co-owners and brothers Mike and John found early success selling to big stores, but when they opened up two locations of their own, profitability never followed. Now, they're clashing more every day, mistakes are piling up, and morale is fading away. If Marcus can't mend their fraying relationship, their beloved brand will go bust.

The Profit #510 - Fighting for Farrell's (TV-PG)

Last year, Marcus Lemonis invested $750,000 to help revive this classic restaurant chain. Fighting between partners and mismanagement have ruined everything he put in place. If Marcus can't rebuild this broken venture, he'll lose over $1,000,000 and the brand will melt away forever.

The Profit #509 - Southern Culture (TV-PG)

The owner of a packaged Southern food business has bitten off more than she can chew. Colossal debts clog her cash flow, bringing her business and her family to the brink. If Marcus can't get her to understand that she cannot do it all on her own, Southern Culture will be cooked.

The Profit #508 - Faded Royalty (TV-PG)

A New York City designer has his sights set on becoming fashion royalty, but his company is barely scraping by. He is disorganized and lacks focus, leaving his clothing line without an identity. His unpaid loans and understaffed store are damaging his personal relationships. If Marcus can't find a way to fix the fabric of this company, it will be ripped to shreds.

The Profit #411 - Susana Monaco (TV-PG)

A Manhattan-based fashion designer is failing because she lets her family and co-workers overpower her. If Marcus can't help her gain self-confidence, this business will unravel.