The Profit #303 - Tonnie's Minis (TV-PG)

In a desperate effort to keep his doors open, the owner of a New York cupcake shop has burned through his wife's retirement fund. If Marcus Lemonis can't turn the situation around, Tonnie Rozier could lose his business and his marriage.

The Profit #507 - JD Custom Designs (TV-PG)

A California company specializing in retail displays struggles to stay relevant. Its owner can't let go of control, which slows the process, limits creativity, and pushes the business right to the brink. If Marcus can't persuade him to let go of the reins and help his wife and partner come into her own, JD Custom Designs could just disappear forever.

The Profit #506 - Rayjus (TV-PG)

At a sports apparel business in Illinois, the product is top notch, but something is fishy. The facility is literally a sweat shop, the employees are up in arms, and one of the owners has a troubling side gig. If Marcus can't get these unfocused owners to make some radical changes to their culture, their company will capsize.

The Profit #505 - Mr. Cory's Cookies (TV-PG)

A cookie company owned by a 13-year-old entrepreneur and his mother faces serious growing pains. Cory's mother struggles to trust anyone and is resistant to change. This had led to missed opportunities in recipe development and retail expansion. If Marcus can't get this young CEO up to speed and earn his mother's trust, this cookie company will crumble.

The Profit #504 - Monica Potter Home (TV-PG)

Monica Potter, of the hit television series Parenthood, started a home goods store near her family in rural Ohio. She doesn't have time to run the store herself, but can't relinquish control to any of her employees... especially not her sister. Emotions run high as Marcus tries to repair family relationships and give the store some focus. If Marcus can't create order amongst all this chaos, the brand may vanish forever.