Going Down…. Under 120 (TV-14-D-L)

Fitness model Sydney is ready to settle down and get serious and hopes aspiring Australian rocker Xavier has what it takes to sweep her off her feet on a horse ride and romantic picnic, but only if she can keep up with his sense of humor! Meanwhile, sensitive Eric is hoping share his vibrations with musician Denny at a local magic shop, however, the spirit guides may need to help make the magic happen between these two!

License to Date 119 (TV-14-D-L)

Young and fun entrepreneur Natalia is ready to let loose and find the man of her dreams with golf instructor Zack, if she doesn't kill him on the golf cart first. Meanwhile, stunt man Lars meets up Erica, an East Coast gal with a California beach bod, and as their truths come out they may find they have more in common than they thought.

A Date with Aqua Man 118 (TV-14-D-L)

When tough chick Melissa meets up with male model Lorenzo, she is thrown for a loop with his nice guy demeanor but doesn't hold back over drinks when he has to weigh his food. Meanwhile, the lovely Ngozika hopes to find her very own Jason Momoa when she meets Mike, who looks a lot like the Aqua Man, but it could be all that wine they're drinking!

Locked up in Love 117 (TV-14-D-L)

Sweet Hayden is ready for love and is smitten off the bat with advertising director Kevin, and hopes to win his heart on the roller rink and later, over shellfish. Personal trainer Rahul meets the not-so-innocent nanny Charlotte who gets a kick out of their prison-themed date. Wonder if she'll be able to keep him imprisoned with her love!

Beaches Be Cray 116 (TV-14-D-L)

Bubbly Megan meets up with a "humble" Zach for a day on the water in hopes of winning his heart before the kayak tips over! Meanwhile, the very outgoing Kemah is ready to find love with professional party dude Diamonte over dinner and drinks in Malibu.

Axe Through the Heart 115 (TV-14-D-L)

When spitfire cutie Myshala'e meets self proclaimed playboy Shawn, sparks and boxing gloves fly! Meanwhile, singer and self-described unicorn Jordan hopes to find his match with comic book nerd, Robb, over heavy metal axes and drinks.

Kinks and Kimonos 114 (TV-14-D-L)

Outgoing Amir tries to slide into his date Chris's heart before finding out who has the biggest freak flag to wave. Meanwhile science teacher Gavin gets a run for his money with competitive Rebecca on the go-cart track.

Tapping into Your Heart 113 (TV-14-D-L)

Philanthropist Rachel falls over conditioning coach PJ to learn some Hollywood stunts, and the chemistry is on fire! Meanwhile, Reno pushes his luck with Lizz as he tries to teach her how to tap dance and fulfill his Asian woman fantasy.

The Art of Love 112 (TV-14-D-L)

Country gal Jessie is ready for some positivity in her next relationship and hopes sensitive artist Bijan can give her what she wants. Musician Macey gets paired up with the impressively toned Miriam who takes them to a fencing lesson to see if Macey has what it takes to be her gal.

Skeletons in the Closet 110 (TV-14-D-L)

Sultry Samantha gets paired up with a playful Cody where they get close fast in a pole dancing class before he shows off his other "skills" at sushi. Meanwhile, Luis hopes to find love with Peter, who gives Luis a little more than he bargained for over some tasty meat on a stick.