Dog Tired 1409 (TV-14-D-L)

Khloé and Kendall consider getting guns for protection, Kris imposes strict guidelines for her mom to follow in her new condo, and Kim can't handle her rambunctious new puppy.

Close to Home 1408 (TV-14-D-L)

Kim is shocked to learn about the rising rate of homelessness in LA and sets out to bring awareness to the growing crisis. Meanwhile Kris hires a scribe to document her every word.

Beauty Queen 1407 (TV-14-D-L)

Kim anxiously preps for the launch of her new KKW Beauty line, Kourtney tries to adopt a new positive attitude, and Khloé scrambles to make arrangements for Tristan's upcoming move to LA.

Fan Friction 1406 (TV-14-D-L)

Khloé fears that Cleveland fans may turn on her family during a trip to see Tristan. Meanwhile the girls wonder how to treat Scott after his bad behavior in Cannes, and Kim gets fed up with her lack of willpower and makes a drastic lifestyle change.

Catch Me If You Cannes 1405 (TV-14-D-L)

Scott threatens to ruin Kourtney's trip to Cannes with her new romantic interest, Kim struggles to set clear boundaries with her assistant, and the girls get educated about Planned Parenthood.


Kris takes estate planning to another level when she starts to arrange her funeral. Kim discovers that Khloe has been chosen as her nephew's guardian.


The girls urge Kris to take a trip to San Diego to see her sick mother. Kourt looks into water birth and Bruce checks into a sleep clinic to get his nighttime ticks worked out.


When Kris can't prove her innocence to Bruce the kids force the couple to work out their issues. Kim makes Lamar go the dentist and Rob fears he's losing his hair


While Bruce finds a golf buddy in supermodel Angie Everhart Kris wonders if she should call up an old 'buddy' of her own. Rob fights with Khloe when he moves back in with her & Lamar


Kris wants Khloe to see Bruce's dark side. Scott hits London with Kim & Rob and gets a royal title and a big head. Kim's busy schedule leaves no time for hanging out with Jonathan