Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us back to the tropical archipelago that is Zanzibar. Its beautiful beaches are home to some of the biggest, and even some of the smallest, species in the world. From monkeys swinging through the forest to Aldabra tortoises ruling the beaches, we'll discover the animals that make Zanzibar such an incredible ecosystem.


Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us back to explore the wildlife that lives in the country of Malaysia. Its diverse landscape is home to an incredible number of different species. From shifty cave swiftlets to feisty fiddler crabs, we will explore what makes this ecosystem so special.


Today on The Champion Within, softball star Monica Abbott takes her talents to a new team and a new culture when she makes the move to play professionally in Japan. Then, we get a firsthand look at the first-ever U.S. Olympic surfing team. Then, we hitch a ride with driver Jimmie Johnson and go behind the curtains of the man behind the wheel. Plus, see youth golf on the sport's biggest stage.


When the legs of a young Saint Bernard named Harley begin to fail, it’s up to Dr. Debbie James to get her back on her feet. Dr. James enlists the help of Dr. Greg Kilburn when a surgical procedure on Harley turns out to be a greater challenge than anticipated. Later, a kitten named Loki is found to have heart murmur during a routine vaccination. After an initial examination, Dr. Regan Williams suspects a congenital heart defect, but an ultrasound will help further narrow down the issue.


Today on The Champion Within, we learn how superfan Laila Anderson became the St. Louis Blues' good luck charm on their way to the team's 2019 Stanley Cup. Then, find out who has sat in the passenger seat since the beginning of driver Joey Logano's legendary career. Then, we see how one man's vision of a golf tournament changed the lives of so many. Plus, coach Katie Sowers is rising through the ranks of the NFL, but the path she's making means so much more than football.


Dr. Brendon Ringwood needs to surgically repair the knee of a lhatese named Gizmo to prevent arthritis from setting in in the future. Then, the hind legs of a shih-poo named Niko seem to be on the decline, and Dr. James is called in to get little Niko standing tall again. Later, when Chloe the boxer experiences episodes of collapse, she’s brought to Dr. Regan Williams for a heart examination. An arrhythmia in Chloe’s heartbeat could reveal a dangerous condition called boxer cardiomyopathy.


Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us on a journey to Vancouver Island. We'll go on one of the most epic journeys in the animal kingdom with the Pacific salmon that live in the streams and rivers. We'll witness hungry black bears, slick sea lions, and other obstacles that the Pacific salmon face on their way.


Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us to one of the longest and largest rivers in the world: The Orinoco River. On this epic journey, we will explore the most exotic creatures living in the river, as well as the animals who depend on the river for food and shelter. This includes a puma who uses the river for water, as well as a hunting ground for its prey. We then meet the wild-looking four-eyed fish, as well the fiddler crabs who need to hide from a high-flying predator above. We then try to imagine what it would have been like to be the first explorers to make landfall, andToday on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us to northern India, where we will explore the "Lost Worlds" that remain. Here, we will discover what lives in the least human-inhabited regions. From elephants to spectacle monkeys to pythons, you never know what you will find in this fascinating area of the world. the sights and sounds they would have heard. Plus, we climb the trees to hang out with some red howler monkeys and get a firsthand experience of how they got their name.


Today on The Champion Within, we see how the Nashville Sled Preds are heroes on the ice, but even more so off. Then, we learn how the memory of Mandi Schwartz helps those in need thanks to her brother, hockey star Jaden Schwartz. Then we meet Reuben Kauffman, who was born and raised in the Amish community, and learn how he found his way onto a racing crew. Plus, these parents took it upon themselves to make their daughters' love of golf flourish.


When young bulldog Dougie develops some constricting throat issues, it’s up to Dr. Brendon Ringwood to determine the cause. Will an operation on Dougie’s airways return the puppy to his normal bark? Then, 24-year-old CC the cat is brought to Dr. Dawn Martin when her existing kidney issues get worse. Are CC’s problems a sign of dehydration, or could it be cancer? Later, Bling Bling the shih tzu has a peculiar discharge coming from her eyes, leaving it up to ophthalmologist Dr. Heather Gray to attempt to repair the issue with a tricky surgical procedure.