Day & time:     Wednesdays (10-11 p.m. ET; Premiere June 25)

Starring:     Chyler Leigh, Jacky Ido, James Colby, Jose Zuniga, Jennifer Esposito, Bill Heck, Ally Walker, Raul Casso

Executive producers, episodes 1&2:    Olivier Megaton, Gary Scott-Thompson, Thomas Anargyros, Edouard de Vesinne

Executive producers, episodes 3 to 12:    Gary Scott-Thompson, Thomas Anargyros, Edouard de Vesinne

Co-executive producers, episodes 1 to 7:     Franck Ollivier, Benjamin Dupont-Jubien, Frederic Bruneel

Co-executive producers, episodes 8 to 12:     Franck Ollivier, Vince McKewin,            Benjamin Dupont-Jubien, Frederic Bruneel

Developed for television by:   Gary Scott-Thompson, Stephen Tolkin and Franck Ollivier, based upon the film “Taxi” written by Luc Besson
Directors:   Olivier Megaton, Frederic Berthe, Alain Tasma, David Morley, Gerard Krawczyk    

Other producers:   Gaetan Rousseau, Paul E. Laurens

Associate producer:    Mehdi Sabbar    

Consulting producer EP 1 to 4,7&8:  Stephen Tolkin    

Writers:   Gary Scott Thompson, Stephen Tolkin, Franck Ollivier, Andrea Stevens, Richard Sweren, Vince McKewin, Robert Nathan, James Kee & David Bradley Halls, Steve Cochrane

Line producers:   Paul E. Laurens, Moe Bardach

Casting directors:    Avy Kaufman (leads), Kristen Paladino (supporting cast)    
Production designer, episodes 1 to 6:     Sebastien Inizan

Production designer, episodes 7 to 12:    Sebastien Inizan, Sharon Lomofsky
Director of photography:   Danny Elsen    
Editors:     Carlo Rizzo, Pascal Revelard, Emmanuel Douce,   Patrick Zouzout, Stratos Gabrielidis

Music:     Nathaniel Mechaly
Origination:     France
Produced by:     EuropaCorp Television with the participation of TF1

Media contact:    Natalia Desrosiers, (818) 777-2248