Airdate:                                                          Sundays on NBC (7-8 p.m. ET)

Hosted by:                                                      Chris Hardwick
Executive producers:                                      LeBron James, Andrew Glassman, Maverick Carter and Chris Hardwick
Developed by:                                                 Andrew Glassman, LeBron James and Maverick Carter
Co-executive producers:                                 Jessica Otazua, Tim Sullivan, Aaron Long, Quintin Strack
Directors:                                                        Alan Carter, Michael Dempsey
Executive in charge                                         Jeanne Haney             
Executive consultant:                                      Jason Raff
Post supervisors:                                             David Parkinson, Luis Wenk-Wolff
Casting manager:                                            Shameela Bakhsh
Production designer:                                       Anton Goss
Origination:                                                     Los Angeles
Series produced by:                                        SpringHill Entertainment, Glassman Media,
                                                                        CORE Media and Universal Television Alternative Studio  
Media contacts: 
Aaron Bastian,
(818) 777-2783