The disappearance of a young woman from Bend, Oregon leads to an intense manhunt after the suspect sets off on a two state crime spree. Keith Morrison reports on the latest updates in the case.




The discovery of a nineteen-year-old's car abandoned on a bridge in New Jersey turns into a missing person case that evolves into a months-long homicide investigation. As the case tears apart a Jersey Shore town, police discover a plot involving money, close friends and a fatal betrayal. Keith Morrison reports on the investigation and the extraordinary undercover video that helped solve the crimes.

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When a dancer is murdered in her Virginia home, investigators are hopeful they can crack the case. But after interviewing a series of suspects, detectives realize the case is much more complicated than previously thought. Could an unexpected tip lead them to an unlikely person? Andrea Canning reports.

FR2832 (TV-PG)

A Connecticut bank executive is targeted by a crew of criminals who invade his home, take him and his mother hostage and order him to rob his own bank. If he doesn't commit the crime, they threaten to blow him up with a bomb strapped to his waist. Investigators think it looks like an inside job but after a string of similar crimes in Tennessee, they learn the victims were picked based on social media posts. Dennis Murphy reports.