“Deadly Cults” is back for a chilling season two Sunday, April 26 at 7pm ET/PT on Oxygen. Beginning Sunday, May 10, the series will move to its regular timeslot of 8pm ET/PT. 
The series recounts the horrific homicide cases where cult leaders executed manipulative control to sway followers within the group to kill. In the season premiere episode titled “Spiritual Warriors,” police must determine if the deaths of three obedient followers who die during an intense sweat lodge ceremony were accidental or if they were pushed too far by a prominent self-help guru. 

From a Kansas cult killer manipulating followers into accidental deaths to gain life insurance payouts to the founder of the Synanon, a violent cult that began as a drug rehabilitation program, conspiring a murder against a Los Angeles lawyer, the series shares a glimpse into the dark world of cults to show how power and control are used to kill instead of help. The series explores the psychology behind cult leaders exploiting fear and hatred in the hearts and minds of their followers, which often leads them to commit acts of violence. “Deadly Cults” takes a deep dive into the criminal investigations with interviews with former cult-followers, law enforcement officials, cult experts, and family members and friends closest to the victims.