Diana Haun & Michael Dally (TV-PG)

Two love-obsessed grocery store employees find passion among the aisles and come up with a deadly plan to begin their lives together.

Harlow Cuadra & Joe Kerekes (TV-PG-D-L-S-V)

A Virginia couple's desperation leaves their gay porn empire in ashes.

Jordan Hodge and Kenny Carlisle (TV-14)

A beloved grandmother and her new husband go missing, triggering an investigation that reveals a twisted tale of first love and a motive fueled by obsession and greed.

Jennifer Shanbrom and Matt Fletcher (TV-14)

A beloved police officer's murder will take years for his brothers in blue to solve, ultimately revealing a conspiracy born out of lust and greed.

Lynn Hajny & Tommy Douyette (TV-14)

Rose Vincent & Mark Bowling (TV-PG)

In a desperate attempt to begin a new life together, two lovers vow to take out the one person who stands between them, true love, and a million-dollar life insurance payout.

Marie Marone & John Vasquez (TV-PG)

A couple's desperation for money & violent sex fantasy lead to a woman's murder.

Sandy Murphy/Rick Tabish (TV-PG)

Detectives are suspicious that the sudden death of a Las Vegas casino mogul might not be an accident, but rather the evil doings of his girlfriend and her secret lover.

Victoria & Nathaniel Jackson (TV-PG)

When a generous multi-millionaire is found murdered, detectives uncover a mountain of family secrets, a history of sexual abuse and greedy young lovers in the center of it all.

John Hawkins/Gene Hanson (TV-PG)

A salesman and young hustler form a partnership in business and in romance. When a medical tragedy proves to be anything but natural police uncover a twisted tale of sex, deception and conspiracy.